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Honouring our distinguished employees is part of DEWAs strategy to recognise excellent and creative members of staff who help raise DEWAs competitiveness and develop services, which ensure the happiness of customers and society as a whole.
16, 2014 and is posthumously recognized as a Distinguished Member of the Signal Regiment.
The President will also host a luncheon in honor of the distinguished guest.
Distinguished currently offers umbrella coverage for the restaurant industry, and adding ProHost's customized restaurant packages will enable them to offer a more complete restaurant insurance program, noted Brooks Chase, president of Distinguished Programs' specialty division.
Pursuant to the decree, the name Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance will replace Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance in any other legislation currently effective in Dubai.
The Waubonsee Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented to outstanding graduates of Waubonsee Community College in recognition of their unselfish and continued support of the college.
AHNO's unit in the UK, Worldwide Hole 'n One, is also to be acquired by Distinguished LLC.
(In 2015, Treyer received the IMA Faculty Leadership Award, a distinguished service award for educators, in recognition of his exemplary leadership and service to IMA.) The CMA preparation course is offered once a year and runs for 12 weeks.
Greeting foreign commanders that participate in the Distinguished Observer Day, President Erdoy-an took his seat and the Distinguished Observer Day of the Efes-2016 Combined Joint Military Exercise kicked off.
The key categories of the DGEP Awards include Best in Customer Satisfaction, Best in Employee Satisfaction, Distinguished Financial Performance, Distinguished Electronic Performance, Distinguished Team Performance, Distinguished Administrative Initiative, Distinguished Technical Project, and Distinguished Government Employee.
The Medal of Distinguished Conduct, the second highest military or police honor, was conferred on PO3 Solomon A.
Honors include Distinguished Achievement and Exceptional Merit.

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