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The distinguishing devices will serve to recognize these service members' achievements, he said.
The distinguishing devices can be affixed to awards at different levels, so, once written, the criteria for the awards must reflect that, officials said.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Yeesh, this is a sketchy one.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Bro-brah is a technical definition differing from stoner, dirtbag, and scrub, in that the subject is actually required to have dreadlocks or have had them in the past three years.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Be it flat feet, heart murmur, or dumb as dirt, something kept these guys from getting a badge and carrying a gun.
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Everyone's been kicked out of a spot by an old, cantankerous gramps at some point.
Among the new sets of biomarkers are genes that provide a high degree of accuracy for distinguishing BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) from prostate cancer and from all other tissue, including normal tissue.
HDC has identified additional sets of biomarkers that are capable of distinguishing high-grade prostate cancers (Gleason Grade 4 and higher) from less malignant grades.
Mathematicians have already developed some very fast, practical algorithms for distinguishing knots that belong to certain large classes, but these methods do not cover every possible type of knot.
In the course of developing computer programs to help survey all types of 3-manifolds, mathematicians have inevitably also delved into the business of distinguishing knots.
To tackle the problem of classifying and distinguishing knots, mathematicians have adopted a set of rules that make knots more convenient to work with.
One approach to distinguishing knots is to use the arrangement of crossings in a knot diagram to produce an algebraic formula that serves as a label for the knot.