distinguishing characteristic

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This approach focuses on a single distinguishing characteristic in usage of a particular linguistic point and links it to a conceptualization thereby clearly presenting the grammar point, while simplifying and simultaneously maximizing the learning process.
He makes a strong case for services as the distinguishing characteristic of a digital library.
This will serve as another distinguishing characteristic between the two lines.
This distinguishing characteristic of the genre leaves narrative composition as a weak point, since as a rule the stories are based on widely known literary works.
One distinguishing characteristic of the Simulator is its initial process setup, which uses systems constraints to recommend wheel grades, feeds, speeds, etc.
The distinguishing characteristic of "specialized services" is not the type of service provided, but its frequency and intensity.
First, they examined museum specimens of elephant and mammoth ivory to see if they could find some distinguishing characteristic.
Our ability to quickly respond and plan for such large-scale projects is a distinguishing characteristic and an important competitive advantage for Tarpon.
Where it asks for distinguishing characteristic, he is unsubtly recorded as Half-a-Head on official arrest warrants.
SIR - I agree with James Cole (Letters, January 17) that we can no longer look to a specifically Welsh ethnicity as the unifying and distinguishing characteristic of the people of Wales.
I grew up believing that the great distinguishing characteristic of Anglicanism was its inclusiveness.
It is a familiar theme, but one worth returning to, as historically, culture has always embodied the most expressive and experimental aspects of human endeavour and continues to be a distinguishing characteristic of all civilized societies.