distinguishing characteristic

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The right side of the model acknowledges that programs may seek to emulate or differentiate themselves, relative to other programs of agricultural education within their respective state or nationally, based on various distinguishing characteristics.
However, besides the principal protection, there is another key distinguishing characteristic between an FIA and a VA with a GLWB--the level of fees charged against the account.
A distinguishing characteristic of cloud computing is that the tasks necessary to managing the cloud are automated.
Your integrated enterprise approach will become a distinguishing characteristic of your management system and a source of competitive advantage.
The distinguishing characteristic of the Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice is all the teeth, or hooks, are joined together by a single bar stretching the length of the conveyor.
The first distinguishing characteristic is all about mission, all of the time--that is, special career-oriented universities that primarily serve working-class students.
Whereas content analysis of these narratives revealed that those classified as role models successfully initiated, implemented and completed tasks, the most distinguishing characteristic of the "less effective" managers was good communication skills that is, they were described as "good listeners" and as individuals who "shared information." In discussions, the appraisers confirmed that the comments about communication skills apparently were a means to compliment employees whose job performance was not otherwise noteworthy.
TRY THIS ON as a distinguishing characteristic. In American movies, death tens to be an event, either a cathartic punch line that snaps the intricately crafted spell of suspense ("Go ahead.
Pattern: The distinguishing characteristic of an energy field perceived as a single wave.
This is the distinguishing characteristic of non-virtual clustering compared to non-clustered virtualization.
Described as a WHW sump, the distinguishing characteristic between this type and other sumps within the range is its size.