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Removing fibroids that distort the womb cavity could lead to a future successful pregnancy - doubling the live birth rate, the findings showed.
Such items (mounting brackets, batteries, screws, nearby electronic components, etc) can distort the field either by adding a magnetic field vector to Earth's field (hard iron distortion) and/or by distorting the local field (soft iron distortion).
And there are joyous nods to Marvin Gaye and The Band in the mix as well - with drummer Simone Felice sharing the languid style of Levon Helm (and even a laptop listen to Suzanne can't distort this fact).
If he's concerned with how ideological bias distorts news coverage, analyzing Fox News' coverage of the Terri Schiavo affair, and particularly Sean Hannity's incessant peddling of misinformation and hysterics show The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch for maximum publicity, going on The Rush Limbaugh Show and The O'Reilly Factor with tales of a horrifying "ambush" by liberals who will "stab you in the back.
Science, technology, and society: How Earth's curved surface is represented differently in various map projections, which distort the shape and size of land areas.
In "Strange Fruit in Abu Ghraib: The Privatization of Torture," Michael Niman continues to distort the facts surrounding the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses and includes an outrageous and, yes, unAmerican subheading, "Rumsfeld Knew About Bush's 'Rape Rooms.
And it must do so in a way that is objectively informative, which maintains incentives for quality service, and which does not distort competition.
How children's books distort the Asian American image.
The purpose of the current study is to investigate whether children younger than the age of three distort gender-stereotype-inconsistent information (GSI).
Downstream arrangements also tend to distort measurements of the amount of premium dollars managed care organizations spend on the actual delivery of health care services.
I really cannot understand why we need to distort and harm.