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Under the doctrine as traditionally applied, where the taxpayer's characterization of a transaction fails to capture economic reality and would distort the meaning of the Code in the process, the IRS may recharacterize the transaction to reflect its economic substance.
TEHRAN (FNA)- There have been attempts to distort the meaning of the US-Russia backed initiative for the Geneva-2 peace conference, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a Saturday press conference following talks between Moscow and Tokyo.
Ilija Dimovski comments for Dnevnik that although it is easy to define patriotism and a patriot, even in daily communication, it was necessary to present these definitions as protection from possible attempts to distort the meaning of the uttered words by important politicians and figures from our daily surrounding.
In his view, the appeals to chosenness that mark American history from Winthrop onward distort the meaning of American Christianity and threaten the stability of political governance.
It might also distort the meaning of the call--what it sounds like to other whales.
However, you cannot distort the meaning or philosophy of Mechatronics that had been previously described by Tetsuro Mori, in many copyrighted publications, e.
After completing the lyrics, we had to fit it to the music, making sure that each note did not distort the meaning of the word," explains Xiao.
Once again, Duany urged us that it is not yet too late to get back to this task if we're willing to take on the vocal minorities who distort the meaning of municipal democracy, willing to grow into our collective responsibility to find the best use of this resource for everyone.
We logisticians are not only letting business terms encroach on our profession but also allowing ourselves to distort the meaning of words that are defined clearly in doctrine.
In debating the ''cause of the war,'' media and political opponents should not distort the meaning of remarks to lend weight to their criticism of the SDF dispatch to Iraq.
I fully expect United to win on Tuesday, but to distort the meaning of these two encounters into an anti-Scottish diatribe is to pay lip service to a Premiership which, even to these old eyes of mine can serve up some bland stuff, far too often to allow the complacent view that this league cannot be improved upon.