distort the truth

See: feign
References in classic literature ?
But man has such a predilection for systems and abstract deductions that he is ready to distort the truth intentionally, he is ready to deny the evidence of his senses only to justify his logic.
But I know that, unless the BBC and that young wife were in collusion to distort the truth, the award to sorely wounded soldiers is pitifully inade quate.
But yet again, the only 'excessive' part of this equation is CASA's willingness to distort the truth for headlines and research grants.
I do not believe the BBC should allow Venables to distort the truth without his version of events being challenged.
He also spotlighted the repercussions of false information being spread by some misleading media outlets to distort the truth.
If there is any attempt to distort the truth, we will take this all the way.
These warmongers are bullies and like all bullies they are cowards and I hope the media in this country will take them on if and when they try to distort the truth.
17) demonstrates an abysmal understanding of American history or an even more abysmal willingness on Galles' part to distort the truth to further his agenda.
Township officials exhibited either a disturbing lack of knowledge, or a deliberate attempt to distort the truth, when claiming that EQ's Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant has had "harmful effects on human health and safety" by exceeding Secondary Risk Screening Levels (SRSLs).
Court of International Trade was good for consumers because it shows that no matter how much the Big Three try to distort the truth, MPVs are designed to carry people, not cargo.
The facts are inaccurate and falsified in an attempt by some parties to distort the truth for their own sole designs," the embassy's health attachA said in a statement.
It must provide a clear image against such slander and lies practiced by the Western media that distort the truth," Mr Abdulrahman told Dubai-based Al Bayan newspaper.