distorted conception

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The problem is not even Netanyahu's distorted conception of Palestine's future sovereignty, which Meron Benvenisti aptly described as "scattered, lacking any cohesive physical infrastructure, with no direct connection to the outside world, and limited to the height of its residential buildings and the depth of its graves.
Anat Gove, a feminist and a well-known playwright, says the Mordechay case reveals a distorted conception in Israeli society regarding the superiority of males to females.
Yet a larger lesson of Makes Me Wanna Holler should also be clear for radical-minded readers: Here was a generation of angry, insecure African-Americans who didn't believe the existing system was worth fitting into, and lacking a constructive alternative, pursued the gratifications of a violently distorted conception of "respect" while sliding down a route of self-destruction.
The Six Equal Tastes refer to the practice of transforming the following six normally adverse conditions into paths of wisdom: (1) distorted conceptions, (2) moral and mental defilements or delusions (nyon-mong, klesa), (3) sickness, (4) harm from gods and spirits, (5) suffering and (6) death.