distorted impression

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And given the existing news cycle, that can give a very distorted impression.
Enhanced with six appendices, a two page bibliography (Further Readings), a twelve page Glossary, a sixteen page Timeline, and a useful Index, "The Handy Islamic Answer Book" is comprehensive, informative, and will serve to introduce one of the world faiths to an American readership who might have a distorted impression of Islam due to the barbarities and cruelties of terrorist organizations such the Islamic State.
This has created a distorted impression of what Bahrainis want.
Hitting a horse 18 times is, on the face of it, hard to defend, but one senior and distinctly level-headed member of the weighing room rang me late in the afternoon to insist that the number of times the horse was hit gave a distorted impression of the severity of the offence and that a very long ban would be out of proportion to it.
But adding in the idea that the population of Mozambique is overwhelmingly rural (68 percent according to an August 2006 estimate by the Population Reference Bureau) the estimate gives a wildly distorted impression of the labor situation in the country.
Dante, Wagner, German Romanticism)has been covered in Western publications, and while the scope of the present collection serves as a useful counterbalance to any distorted impression of Ivanov's works the former might make, translations in full of essays dealing with these subjects would increase Ivanov's interest to scholars of classical and Western cultures.
That leaves a distorted impression of management, which has had a corrupting influence on its practice.
Left uncorrected, these errors would give the readers of The New Criterion a badly distorted impression of what the Red Brigade threat was and is.
That gives a totally distorted impression of what chances they've got.
Or the inexperienced lawyer may have a distorted impression of what will appeal to a family law judge--for example, believing (incorrectly) that the judge will punish the other party for leaving the marriage because that party belatedly discovered that he or she was homosexual.
You see, people have a totally distorted impression of him as a bit of a tearaway who dyed his hair for a spell and was followed by trouble wherever he went.