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I am off to one side, where I see nothing but shadow bent distortedly onto the wall by insistent television lights--shadows, rather, since the angled lights give him one dark silhouette and a lighter "ghost" askew of it.
Perhaps that is why it seems to constitute the constant preoccupation of mental life, which surfaces distortedly in our dream life.
The Est5 gene segregated distortedly, but all the other genes segregated at random (Choo et al.
The fact that these structures do not subdivide well for the typical users in the market underscores the more positive reality behind Westchester County's distortedly high vacancy rate: the existing mismatch between per transaction demand size and the size and nature of Westchester's existing commercial inventory offers vast opportunities for gain for certain landlords as well as tenants, namely those who have the ability to identify and lease multi-tenantable product within well-located, Class A buildings.
Three Farmers, a mechanical reproduction in its own right, in the company of the works of Rivera and Sander, foregrounds the issue of its reproduction, places its distortedly accurate mirror before the reader, and asks him or her to join in the retelling of the riddles of history.
So CEOs are psychologically pressured to paint a distortedly positive picture of organizational ethics.
First Amendment fights wavered distortedly in this tragic late twentieth century mirror.
every psychopathological process, distortedly reveals what it defends against.
The style of innocence is a new voice that captures reality completely and less distortedly.

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