distortion of truth

See: falsehood
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In due course they were moved up, having learned little but a cheerful effrontery in the distortion of truth, which was possibly of greater service to them in after life than an ability to read Latin at sight.
Leuven, Belgium) examines the work of German-Jewish literary critic and philosopher Benjamin (1892-1940) in terms of Jewish messianism, the failure and limits of human understanding, and allegory and the distortion of truth in history.
He hated the distortion of truth for entertainment or political agenda.
Communication Minister and spokesperson of the government Khalid Naciri said, at a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting, that Foreign Minister Taib Fassi Fihri underlined that some parties act as if they were a party to the conflict, adding that this was flagrantly proved through their use of disinformation and distortion of truth.
The statement referred to false information and distortion of truth that has been circulated by some media recourses in the country; thus, leading to jumping to conclusions of treason and directing blasphemy against a national institution of great significance.
The distortion of truth which occurred in our past will be finally understood and in consequence our relationship to what we call God will become clear.
Fast's translation allows, however, a degree of manipulation--statements cut short or words subtly changed in the subtitles--that transforms the soldiers' factual account into absurd utterances, acting as a powerful metaphor for a more far-reaching distortion of truth for political ends.
As buses can move well over 20,000 people per hour per direction Mr Tyrrell's words: 'where the bus is less able to take the high capacity flows in a number of corridors' were surely written from ignorance or a distortion of truth both of the flow needed and the flow possible by much under-rated but far more flexible bus-type methods, and indicate only a myopic vision.
low perceived efficacy), they will treat the threat message as a distortion of truth and dismiss it as mere propaganda.
Terrorism feeds on the distortion of truth and justice.
It is despair at the lies, anger at the distortion of truth by PR bullsh***s, and disdain towards a generation of politicians who have destroyed the idea of self-less, public service and replaced it with grasping, grabbing, me-first ambition which has sickened the rest of us and made us disconnect from the whole process of politics.