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23] carried out numerical and experimental investigations on interaction of local, distortional and global buckling of cold-formed steel column section with different end conditions.
These results justify that that Ince and Glinka model based on the equivalence of the total distortional strain energy increments give very accurate notch stress and strain predictions when compared to the traditional Neuber and ESED methods even though the model predictions are slightly the conservative.
As for local and distortional buckling strength, the AISI equations for the design of cold-formed steel beams, using the direct strength method, have been used (North American Specification 2004).
A similar term appears in the Larson-Doi model, representing interdomain interactions due to distortional elasticity:
The gamma layer can be as hard as 244 DPN (diamond point number) whilst the steel substrate is only 159 DPN hence the steel has more 'give' than the zinc and under certain compressional or distortional forces the body of the zinc can come away from the steel.
Local modes can be characterized by (i) the local plate mode (LPM) that involves only the flexural deformations of the web and flange and (ii) the distortional mode (DM) that includes the displacements of flange-stiffener edges remaining plane.
The dominant framework of "Buddhist modernism" makes use of an etic perspective to describe Buddhists in ways that they would likely not describe themselves, and furthermore employs distortional dualities that muddy our understanding of Buddhism and Buddhists in the contemporary period.
t]) [right arrow] 0, would be distortional and delayed because of inertia, in the same way like the opening stage [alpha](t) > 0.
Rich countries must reduce, if not eliminate, distortional agriculture and energy policies, and help those in the poorest countries improve their capacity to produce food.
We thus avoid any distortional effects caused by a change in consumption tax, which may lead to the purchase of a different consumption bundle.
Von Mises postulated that a material would yield when the distortional energy at the point reaches a critical value.