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Domestic production for virtually insatiable export markets generated sufficient economic growth to mask and postpone the real economic effects of the highly distortive, interventionist policies As the problems amassed and the post-war demand for Swedish exports petered out, time caught up with the experiment At this point, the government responded with intervening with the institutional framework instead of (which would have been more prudent) rolling back the experiment.
Some believe a finding COOL is discriminatory but not distortive could reduce any potential retaliation.
Lobby groups pushing for larger and more distortive subsidies are very shortsighted.
It is also distortive because as some sectors move away from property usage, the tax is becoming increasingly concentrated in businesses or sectors that remain property-intensive.
Baird's direction is of a similarly heedless, knockabout nature, filching from Kubrick in the sweaty, distortive use of eloseup, Fassbinder in an arch, unexpectedly resolved strain of Germanic camp, and Gilliam in Robertson's fantasy sessions with swollen-headed shrink Jim Broadbent.
Of course, even though the tax may be non-distortive if it is sufficiently small, the market restrictions caused by the gambling license quotas is distortive.
The publication stated that NI contributions are "one of the most distortive forms of taxation and are essentially a tax on labour.
Under the text, "the member state has to demonstrate that the instrument chosen is the least distortive way of granting the aid" and "the aid should be granted through a mechanism that is limited in time".
However, when subsidies procure distortive advantages to selected companies without furthering any common interest goal they must be recovered swiftly.
But this method can be rather distortive in years when the partnership incurred an ECI loss.
It introduces an alternative and less distortive mechanism to the traditional allocation of EU Structural Funds through grants.
British Airways believes that any efforts to support the development of regional airports must not extend to distortive and unfair fiscal incentives, such as variable Air Passenger Duty or the subversion of the economic regulation system to deliver government airport policy outcomes.