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However, sometimes the cognitive symptoms that we are talking about -such as attentional disturbance, distractibility and forgetfulness--some of these symptoms are actually anxiety-based symptoms that may respond to CBT.
In study group, the temperament variables which had high scores with respect to the psychopathology were activity level, intensity, distractibility and rhythmicity.
Having these networks be too connected may increase distractibility," says Anderson.
However she continued to show expansiveness grandiose ideation and distractibility and manic symptoms seemed to plateau at this stage.
According to the results there was a significant difference in distractibility using Friedman's test, but the conservative Wilcoxon signed rank test yielded no significant difference from 1 year to 3 years old.
Behavior problems include externalising behaviors such as impulsivity, anger outbursts, hitting, stealing, threatening and disturbing others due to the weakness of their emotions and behaviors; and internalising behaviors include such things as shyness, physical complaints and anxiety problems related to fear and distractibility (Keenan & Wakschlag, 2000;Merrill,2001; Merrel, 1995; Pike et al.
Based on the distractibility of cell phones while attempting to learn from a lecture, it is hypothesized that college students who utilize a cell phone during a lecture will comprehend and retain less information than students who do not.
A person is diagnosed with ADHD when certain characteristic behaviors are displayed over a long period of time such as distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity.
Two psychiatrists specializing in adult ADHD offer advice for adults experiencing symptoms and behavior patterns such as forgetfulness, achieving below potential, motivational problems, impulsivity, and distractibility.
Besides, various other studies (Dodge, Lochman, Harnish, Bates, & Pettit, 1997; Matos, Bauermeister, & Bernal, 2009) prove that hyperactivity and distractibility are related to oppressive and aggressive behavior.
We focused on the two specific agestandardized subscales for which children with ADHD are found to score lowest: Processing Speed (includes coding and symbol search) and Freedom from Distractibility (includes digit span and arithmetic) (Wechsler 1991).
You would also experience at least three of the following symptoms: * grandiose ideas or pumped-up self-esteem * far less need for sleep than normal * an urgent desire to talk * racing thoughts and distractibility * increased activity that may be directed to accomplishing a goal or expressed as agitation * a pleasure-seeking urge that might get funneled into sexual sprees, overspending, or a variety of schemes, often with disastrous consequences.