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In addition, children who were highly active, easily distractible, and less persistent tend to receive negative social responses from peers.
001, and with distractible children, F(3, 761) = 139.
He is able to concentrate on things that he wants to do around the house and in the yard and stay on task, whereas before coconut oil he was easily distractible and rarely accomplished anything unless I supervised him directly.
On bedside examination, Maura was distractible, displayed some inattentive behavior, and had decreased muscle bulk and postural instability.
Had he lived today, the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart might have been diagnosed as having ADHD, as his behaviors contribute to his description as being: "impatient, impulsive, distractible, energetic, emotionally needy, creative, innovative, irreverent, and a maverick" (Hallowell & Ratey, 1994, p.
Judging from the audience reaction during its regional theatrical run as weekend matinee fare, "Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure" will satisfy even easily distractible small fry while mildly amusing their indulgent parents.
Sorting out children with ADHD, bipolar disorder, or learning disabilities from lively or distractible children is not a simple matter.
ROSAMOND - When Ed Mileham speaks to Antelope Valley teens about the dangers of tobacco, he finds his usually distractible audience transfixed by his words.
Anyone -- even we professionals -- can become hyperactive or distractible when forced to sit through a boring lecture or two.
Kohn stated: "The most striking consequence of assuming that an unusually distractible or impulsive child is suffering from a disease is the tendency to turn to medication to solve the problem" (p.
When the child with ADHD becomes better able to focus her attention and plan her behavior, she will appear less distractible, less impulsive and less disorganized.