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In the main, people who tend to be ego-close are more suggestible, more responsive to external stimuli, distractible, open, exhibitionistic, active socially, emotionally labile and impulsive, while people who tend to be ego-distant are more reflective, enjoy solitude, tend to be daydreamers, show initiative, are less open in their emotional responses, and may be withdrawn and shy (Voth & Mayman, 1963).
Some 'well-behaved' children, when told to look at the practitioner, will do so no matter what target approaches, whilst other more distractible children find it impossible to keep looking ahead when they know that a toy is approaching.
It commands the interest of the most distractible audience and engages them logically, emotionally, and visually.
I work with patients who may have issues with their ability to move their arms and legs, cognitive problems, for example, have poor memory, be distractible, have lost the ability to recognise objects, visual and other sensory disturbances.
Young Elly's world is shaped by those who inhabit it: her loving but maddeningly distractible parents; a best friend who smells of chips and knows exotic words like 'slag'; an ageing fop who tapdances his way into her home, a Shirley Bassey impersonator who trails close behind; lastly, of course, a rabbit called God.
Convincing college freshmen, whom Rogers calls "America's most distractible demographic," to join a credit union requires aggressive marketing.
They were nothing major, but she was just not achieving as highly as her teachers thought she was capable of, she was distractible, and labelled 'hyperactive'.
Young adults have always been distractible, but the arrival of the age of social media may be one of the biggest cultural challenges the field of education--dance education included--has weathered.
Padgaonkar paints him as eminently distractible, often leaving his crew for long stretches with scant instructions on how to proceed.
Launched in August in the United States, the T2 Scepter Distractible End Cleats System is used in the upper (thoracic) and lower (lumbar) part of the spine to replace collapsed, damaged or unstable vertebrae due to a fracture or a tumor, according to the company.
Boys, but not girls, from a birth cohort study of children from Dunedin, New Zealand, who exhibited under-control by being impulsive, restless, and distractible at age 3, were twice as likely as control children to have a diagnosis of alcohol dependence at age 21 (Caspi et al.