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The study rated activities that a driver would normally do in a vehicle from the least distracting to the most distracting.
Since halfalogues really are more distracting and you can't tune them out, this could explain why people are irritated.
While this group perceived distracting behaviours to be less hazardous than their older counterparts, they were significantly more likely to crash as a result of being distracted, the study showed.
there are many Tier Ones who are doing the heavy lifting in developing ways to accommodate greater functionality within the vehicle with a minimum of distracting influences.
Particularly distracting is the overuse of noise sticks, which cast members strike together (clink
Though I find Doyle's analysis and prose style to be mostly appropriate and helpful to Gaines's scholars and casual readers alike, aspects of her style and approach might be distracting to some.
They range from the American Automobile Association's conclusion that using a cell phone while driving was less distracting than changing a compact disc or selecting a radio station to the New England Journal of Medicine's report that the risk of getting into an accident while driving quadrupled if a cell phone was involved.
Thus, schizophrenia renders people more susceptible to distracting information only if it is immediately accessible in their surroundings; if it is out of sight for even a fraction of a second, the material vanishes from working memory and cannot impede color naming on the Stroop task, according to Schooler's team.
Partnership Will Offer Members with Teen Drivers One-Year Free Subscription to Cellcontrol Technology in Effort to Curb Distracting Driving
She was told these clothes were "too distracting for her easily distracted male colleagues and supervisors to bear".
The results for reaction time suggest that talking on a hands-free phone is more distracting than talking to a passenger or other in-vehicle tasks.
When we got to the training, he was listening to CDs and the rappers and it was all distracting him.