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Jerry bonds with Audrey's two distractingly adorable, tress-blessed young children.
as distractingly digressive, while some of the earlier, shorter essays
We are, though, in an age of short attention spans, and some in the audience became, distractingly, restless.
Her singing was anemic, distractingly overpowered by two back-up singers.
The company, founded by ex-Gu director Nick Fox, has gained a listing in Sainsbury's for its Outrageously Chocolatey Madagascan Brownies, Shamelessly Seductive Millionaires Shortbread and Distractingly Decadent Biscuit Cakes.
She has closed the parlor doors to mute the sounds coming from her prized Steinway, but her fingernails click distractingly on the keys.
The proposed new floor, in distractingly colourful tiles and with a wandering 'river of life' motif, will be badly out of keeping with the church's fundamental calmness, whether one sees this as aesthetic, spiritual or both.
During that phase Abdel-Kawy humorously greeted one questionable refereeing decision by putting her racket between her teeth, and also dealt equably with an opponent who dived distractingly about the court, once tumbling between Abdel-Kawy's legs.
Best of all, when an iOS 6 device is locked in 'Eyes Free' mode, the device's screen won't even distractingly light up.
Doyle's decisions, coupled with the distractingly eclectic design of the play, were confusing, however, and did not clearly define the level of realism or the style of acting that was being used for each section, with the exception of the play within a play that was clearly intended to be ridiculous.
Meilin is the plucky heroine who must fight to overcome or right an ancient act of betrayal in her distant past, learning to find and use her secret powers and identity, all while leading a normal high school life complete with distractingly handsome boys.
Some readers may find that the publisher's puzzling decision to use a distractingly heavy font for the body text detracts from their enjoyment of this book.