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Michael K Williams is the distractingly named Detective Chestnut.
His guitar and his soulful folk warbling have been replaced by a fake tan, shoe-polish hair, jazzy backup singers and a flashy production that's dripping with cheese as he belts out one of his biggest hits "Hey Baby Doll''-- an anthem that's almost distractingly similar to "Sweet Caroline.
NGC 206 makes a squat triangle with M32 and the nucleus of M31, but the trick is to keep these distractingly bright objects out of the field of view.
That's because we have the Menorah Tree, a new product whose existence would seem perplexing if it weren't so distractingly mesmerizing to regard.
The girl he's meeting is played by Oona Chaplin (The Hour and Game Of Thrones) who is probably the most distractingly beautiful woman I have ever seen on television.
In fact, their voices are so powerful that the addition of mics means there are times the vocals are distractingly over-amplified - threatening to break the magical spell being woven on stage.
The sparkly bits light up like the set of The X Factor and there's a dangly jewel swinging distractingly in the middle that looks like one of those mobiles that hang above a cot.
until she found herself distractingly and deliciously tempted by a pair of dreamboats - one who arrives on her doorstep from the past, the other, an irresistible force from the other side of the country.
The site overall is simple, informative, and void of any distractingly flashy advertisements.
A child kicking one's airplane seat would prompt 73% of those polled to take action and distractingly loud music or movies would stir 73.
But beyond Stewart's distractingly inconsistent British accent, she simply lacks the presence to serve as a convincing warrior princess.
This NIFT graduate's heart might lie in fashion and styling for the movies, but her distractingly pretty face couldn't stay behind the camera for too long.