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Curt Steinhorst shows us how to overcome distraction and reclaim focus in every aspect of your life and work.
Summary: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], December 12 (ANI): Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president-elect Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said flying in a sea-plane is good but is a distraction as well.
Others more prone to distraction include those who drive often, and those with neurotic and extroverted personalities.
Thinking Pinoy blogger Rey Joseph 'RJ' Nieto is just a 'minor distraction,' according to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV but he said he needed to teach bloggers like him a lesson about responsibility.
The Russia story is a distraction from the Affordable Care Act
Methods: The students participating in this study rated the degree to which each distraction interferes with their concentration on the class materials and their ability to learn.
Passive interventions such as No Interruption Zones (NIZs) are intended to limit RN distraction while accessing medications; however, these interventions are often ignored.
In all times, since the ancient Greece, to these times, astonishing events have been a distraction and value.
2,3] In the present paper, a two-staged procedure for neglected volar barton fracture presenting after 5 weeks, primarily treated with gradual distraction and secondarily with locked distal radius plate along with bone graft was reported.
YouGov carried out the nationwide survey for Road Safety UAE, which said it found the results "alarming" given the link between distraction and fatal accidents.
The author covers the literary history of distraction, forms of distraction in the eighteenth century, distracted vigilance and the female mind, and a great many other related subjects.
Driver distraction is "the diversion of drivers' attention away from activities that are considered critical for safe driving, towards another activity".