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Prior studies have also suggested that environmental attributes such as lighting, temperature and classroom design could be linked to distractive activities (Tesch, Coelho, & Drozdenko, 2011).
Topics include "Developing for the Oculus Rift," and "Video Games Are Good for You: A Lesson in Distractive Therapy from the Starlight Children's Foundation.
1] sound was to control for a potential distractive effect of a rhythmic beat, independent of any benefits of CLS.
Stewart said that addictive cell phone behaviours can even put an individual's life at risk, because of distractive driving or walking.
com allows users to engage and connect on a single topic, eliminating all other irrelevant and distractive content.
This, in fact, is a tribute to the distractive capabilities of the ruling coalition that has shown impressive talents in setting and manipulating the policy agenda, but has also shown equally unimpressive skills in designing solutions or achieving any progress on the pressing issues that are essential to the Lebanese, their economic development and their well-being.
We still tend to be distractive in our goals, thus not focused toward our vision.
So the most of them won't follow-up by challenging claims from politicians sitting right in front of them, looking them in the eye while repeating distractive and proven-false talking points.
aptly describes the distractive spell of the RPS debate: "It also
Distractive ambushing The creation of a presence or disruption at or around an event in order to promote a brand, without specific reference to the event itself, its imagery or themes, in order to intrude upon public consciousness and gain awareness from the event's audience.
Designing a user interface that is simple, accessible, less distractive, and affordable presents a key challenge.