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Apart from it being used as being used as a corrective, it was realized that the CF 'korende' also could be used to perform a distractive function as is evident in EX4.
Excluding distractive users is unambiguously pertinent to considerate communities in which the typical member invests reasoning and endeavor.
Some consider students politics to be inappropriate and distractive that takes the focus of the students away from studies and yet there are others who think politics in the universities provides students with an opportunity to seek and value identities and provides them a platform from where the likes of Gandhis, Mandelas and Mujib-ur-Rehmans are launched who not only serve the greatest interests of their countries but democracies as well.
After two consecutive years of decline, the local stock barometer is widely forecast to climb this year notwithstanding what continues to be a challenging environment for the global community and sporadically distractive local political noise.
Concluding Belatik added: "In a complex business environment, where one has to think not only outside the box, but from various boxes and various perspectives, with the distractive trends becoming the new norm, this programme will help to harvest the skills that are the new necessity in today's business world.
6%) of the respondents rated the terms Rebellious, Rude, Restless, Selfish, Stubborn, Distractive, Undermine others, Irresponsible, Careless, and Violent true or highly true respectively.
86 for active practical, active distractive, avoidance and religious focused coping, respectively).
In recent years, scholarly publishing has been faced with many distractive phenomena.
Le vrai art se situe aux antipodes de la dimension distractive, du divertissement (au sens pascalien) et reste en porte-a-faux avec toute ideologie de mimesis.
A second MRI, performed 5 days after the trauma, confirmed "signs of detachment of the area between the SL and MG muscle in distractive outcome, with moderate intrafascial hematoma.
12) One of the disadvantages of SLS is the progressively increased abdominal wall defect, which may be explained by the development of lateral distractive forces being applied to the abdominal wall.