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To seize the property of an individual and retain it until an obligation is performed. The taking of the goods and chattels of a tenant by a landlord in order to satisfy an unpaid debt.

Distrain is a comprehensive term that may be used in reference to any detention of Personal Property, lawful or unlawful.


verb annex, appropriate, assume ownerrhip, attach, bear away, carry away, carry off, compulsorily acquire, confiscate, deprive of, divest, garnish, hominis bona vendere, hurry off with, impound, impress, lay hold of, levy, levy a distress, make away with, possess oneself of, preempt, replevy, seize, sequester, sequestrate, take away, take into custody, take over, take possession of
See also: annex, arrogate, assume, attach, compel, condemn, confiscate, deprive, divest, fine, garnish, impound, levy, mulct, seize, sequester


to seize (personal property) by way of DISTRESS.

TO DISTRAIN. To take an keep any personal chattel in custody, as a distress. (q.v.)

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Landlords will have to give tenants 72 hours' notice of their intention to distrain, so that they have time to challenge the existence of the debt or seek a court order to prevent the landlord from distraining;
Despues de 24h de exposicion a la respectiva larva, a cada disco se le midio el porcentaje de area de consumo, segun la escala visual del programa Distrain 1.
Council lawyers have embarked upon legal action in an attempt to distrain property and assets belonging to Kaduwanema, according to Birmingham cabinet member for equalities and human resources Alan Rudge.
14, just after "minute" comes "the flyleaf of his frons; and he was quietly for giving the bailiffs distrain on to the bulkside of his cul de Pompe"; and again in FW421.
Segundo os criterios adotados por programas de computadores para treinamento na quantificacao de doencas, como, por exemplo, o Distrain (TOMERLIN & HOWELL, 1988) e Disease Pro (NUTTER Jr & WORAWITLIKIT, 1989), a variacao na estimacao da severidade entre -10% e +10% e considerada aceitavel.
La variable de respuesta fue el area consumida en cada disco, lo que se registro porcentualmente a las 24h de exposicion a la larva, segun la escala visual del programa Distrain 1.
This result was satisfactory and was equal to the required level in training of severity evaluation in software as Distrain (TOMERLIN & HOWELL, 1988).
To avoid this scenario and ensure payment of the rent, Ceri Mort advises landlords to send in bailiffs to distrain on the late payer's goods.
32) They held no manors and had no legal rights over their subtenants beyond the right to distrain for nonpayment of rent.
Os valores obtidos de residuos permaneceram dentro dos valores aceitaveis (-10 a +10), segundo criterios adotados por programas de computadores para treinamento na quantificacao de doencas como Distrain e Disease Pro (MARTINS et al.