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Although requests for help dwindled during the 1896s, it continued to assist boycotted farmers and to ensure the sale of distrained goods.
In 1683 Timothy Emerson, oilman in St Martin's, was distrained of 30[pounds sterling] worth of goods by a team that included four constables, one churchwarden and seven overseers of the poor.
Pledges were legally liable for a loan, and their goods could be distrained if a debtor defaulted.
The entire property of the brewery was distrained due to unsettled debts of around BGN 6 M.
Shares in these companies have been distrained by UniCredit Bulbank, Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria and Raiffeisen Leasing.
The TMSF team consisting of 80 officials distrained 22 companies in Istanbul, Eskisehir, Bilecik, Aydn and Kars.
The tenant cannot sell the distrained goods until the rent and bailiffs costs have been paid.
In 1441, when negotiating over a grant of the mise with representatives of Henry VI's government, the county, perhaps again including Abbot Saughall, successfully demanded that, among other things, no writs under the king's privy seal should be sent into the shire; offences against the statute of liveries should be pardoned; and money forfeited by Cheshire gentlemen due to their non-appearance when distrained of knighthood should be returned.
5 M have been distrained for the benefit of United Bulgarian Bank," the company announced in a statement, circulated to the media.
Robin Bowyer and Keith Rauer, who are to launch the new Jensen SV8, distrained all the plant and equipment, fixtures and fittings at both factories on the basis that both companies owed their pension fund rent.
bg, as well as the headquarters of the publishing house, cars and equipment, were distrained for the benefit of Alpha Bank.
bg, as well as the headquarters of the publishing house, cars and equipment, have been distrained for the benefit of Alpha Bank, according to the media reports.