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To seize the property of an individual and retain it until an obligation is performed. The taking of the goods and chattels of a tenant by a landlord in order to satisfy an unpaid debt.

Distrain is a comprehensive term that may be used in reference to any detention of Personal Property, lawful or unlawful.


verb annex, appropriate, assume ownerrhip, attach, bear away, carry away, carry off, compulsorily acquire, confiscate, deprive of, divest, garnish, hominis bona vendere, hurry off with, impound, impress, lay hold of, levy, levy a distress, make away with, possess oneself of, preempt, replevy, seize, sequester, sequestrate, take away, take into custody, take over, take possession of
See also: annex, arrogate, assume, attach, compel, condemn, confiscate, deprive, divest, fine, garnish, impound, levy, mulct, seize, sequester


to seize (personal property) by way of DISTRESS.

TO DISTRAIN. To take an keep any personal chattel in custody, as a distress. (q.v.)

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7 million distrainment proceedings currently handled by the courts.
The opposition Sme Rodina (We Are Family) movement failed to push through a distrainment amnesty in the past.
Paska confirmed for TASR that some matters relating to the distrainment amnesty are still unresolved.