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I use the word natural, in the sense of its being unaffected; there was something comic in his distraught way, as though it would have been downright ludicrous but for his own perception that it was very near being so.
He returned like one distraught to his wife, leaving the worthy mason, and also the neighbors who heard him to gather a few things for the needs of so terrible a want, hitherto unknown, for the two Corsicans had carefully hidden it from a feeling of pride.
The man's mind is not so well balanced but that he bores my Lady, who, after a languid effort to listen, or rather a languid resignation of herself to a show of listening, becomes distraught and falls into a contemplation of the fire as if it were her fire at Chesney Wold, and she had never left it.
A Paisley family has been left distraught after their cat disappeared - and are desperate to bring her home.
This was my way to relax and I'm absolutely distraught, they've just taken that away from me," he said.
Distraught client of traditional broker absorbing the shock of another unmanageable price increase.
Friends of a "beautiful and talented" Dumfries man found dead in a doorway in Cornwall have set up a fundraising page to bring him home to his distraught family.
Anna is distraught at the shock news CORONATION STREET ITV IT'S going to be lonely - and griefstricken - this Christmas for Sarah and Anna if news from Ukraine turns out to be true.
SOURCE HOSPITAL An onlooker said: "They were totally distraught when they heard that the wee lad hadn't made it.
Summary: Distraught man says nurses made his wife walk to delivery room when she was already in labour
They are a very motivated squad and I would rather have seen a distraught changing room than anything different, and that's because you can see what it means to them.
00 Home and Away Evelyn is distraught when she discovers a lump in her breast.