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In this, it is important they find time to share the morally distressing situation with affected nursing staff.
Methods of coping with morally distressing situations were also identified (McClendon & Buckner, 2007).
For most people, intrusive thoughts are relatively short-lived and undisruptive; however, they are highly problematic and distressing for some (Freeston & Ladouceur, 1999) and are thought to be underreported even in clinical populations (Grant, Pinto, Gunnip, Mancebo, Eisen, & Rasmussen, 2006).
Medical problems associated with a higher prevalence of distressing problems of desire were depression, thyroid dysfunction, anxiety, and urinary incontinence.
The ethics committee, along with policy/procedures committees, should analyze any morally distressing events that occur and establish a plan to deal with these situations in the future.
A statement that truly acknowledges the parents' fears and concerns is much more effective, such as "From the looks on your faces, I can tell it feels scary and distressing to think about what this means for your son."
This extensively researched coping (or defensive) modality implicates cognitions and behaviors that seek toward off anxiety, minimize threat, and alleviate related distressing emotions.
We argued that the more distressing a sex-related behavior, and the more comparable the distress to other nonsexual stressors, the more certain would be triers of fact that sexual harassment had occurred.