distribute assets

See: liquidate
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This enables us to complete the winding-up of the scheme without further delay and to distribute assets to improve the level of pensions being paid to members as soon as possible.
Generally, wills and trusts successfully distribute assets in accordance with their terms and achieve the intended estate tax savings where appropriate.
Guthrie answered questions that included the validity of a will if someone has a different name from when the will was originally made and how to best distribute assets to children that had various degrees of contact and assistance.
If approved, the agreement will allow the Trustee and the Joint Administrators to proceed with plans to allocate and distribute assets to customers and creditors.
The mining act, which sought to avoid discrimination in the system and to better distribute assets among historically disadvantaged groups, ended private ownership of minerals and transferred them back to the state.
Mead also learned how he can distribute assets out of the operating company into the holding company.
2 per cent is payable on trusts that distribute assets to beneficiaries aged 18 to 25.
The trust is established by a written agreement or declaration appointing a "trustee" to administer the property, manage the assets and eventually distribute assets to your beneficiaries.
Second-to-die contracts can be particularly useful when assets are not liquid and buyers want to use the death benefit to distribute assets to family members, he added.
Finally, it suggests including examples in the final regulations that show how the deemed allocation rules for indirect skips apply when trusts subject to an estate tax inclusion period (ETIP) terminate on the expiration of an ETIP and distribute assets to other trusts that may be GST trusts.
The grantor of the trust can name himself or herself a primary beneficiary and give discretion to a trustee on whether to distribute assets to the beneficiary.
Linux's popularity as an internet server platform also makes it ideal for working with the Cumulus CGI to distribute assets over the web.