distribute assets

See: liquidate
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The new wills office gives non-Muslims chance to distribute assets and allocate where their properties should go after they have died," said Al Abadi.
For Muslims, the court will automatically apply Sharia and distribute assets to predetermined beneficiaries.
We recommend working with companies that have large, trusted influencer networks (and a process for legal, compliance, and ownership of content, as well as prenegotiated rates) and a turnkey technology platform to optimize and distribute assets.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 12, 2016-Two Nuveen Commodity funds release plan to liquidate and distribute assets
What is a fair way to distribute assets since parents are near retirement?
The Facebook crowd is the most obvious, but after the Alibaba offering last year and the Etsy one coming up later this year, there's been a renewed attention among estate planners toward dealing with these issues: how to protect and distribute assets that are expected to greatly increase in value.
This enables us to complete the winding-up of the scheme without further delay and to distribute assets to improve the level of pensions being paid to members as soon as possible.
Generally, wills and trusts successfully distribute assets in accordance with their terms and achieve the intended estate tax savings where appropriate.
Guthrie answered questions that included the validity of a will if someone has a different name from when the will was originally made and how to best distribute assets to children that had various degrees of contact and assistance.
Especially relevant to Middle East broadcasters is vuNet, which provides a robust and secure infrastructure to effectively ingest, manage, monetise and distribute assets.
The mining act, which sought to avoid discrimination in the system and to better distribute assets among historically disadvantaged groups, ended private ownership of minerals and transferred them back to the state.
Mead also learned how he can distribute assets out of the operating company into the holding company.