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This distributed management function is not in the data path (referred to as out-of-band) and all I/O is performed directly from the server application to the disk.
To date, distributed computing projects have generally focused on laborious scientific endeavors, such as human genetic mapping or compiling an inventory of all known craters on Mars.
Section 355(e) is especially troubling for public companies effecting a spin-off distribution since neither the distributing nor the controlled companies can predict or control the unilateral, acquisitive actions of another company that may seek to acquire the distributing or distributed companies or predict or control public trading by shareholders.
The corporation distributed the stock to Pulliam in a transaction he reported as a nontaxable spinoff.
The memo, first issued in 1996, is being distributed nationally to denominational headquarters and to individual houses of worship and religious leaders.
We have come to take the relatively mature and well-tested technology of union catalogs (both in the narrow sense of union catalogs for clusters of libraries and the broader sense of international community-wide union catalogs such as those offered by OCLC and RLG) very much for granted and, at least in our rhetoric, sometimes cast them as archaic constructs that will soon be replaced by fully distributed search approaches enabled by standards such as the Z39.
To advocates of this approach, distributed I/O and distributed control both mean simplified wiring, low installation costs, and enhanced flexibility when additional loading stations must be added to a system.
The Last Step: Optimizing TCO via Distributed Storage Clusters
Under certain circumstances, the rule may not apply if the distributed security had been contributed to the partnership by the distributee partner or if the security was not a "marketable security" when acquired by the partnership.
Finally, the termination/retention safe harbor encompasses a requirement that is not imposed on the genuine contraction route: all of the proceeds attributable to the terminated business must be distributed.
367(b)5 provides that, in a distribution otherwise described in section 355, if the distributing corporation is domestic and the distributed entity is foreign, the distributing corporation will recognize gain if the distributee shareholder is an individual and not a U.

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