distribution of earnings

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The agreement further states that Tareen has total control over the distribution of earnings related to the fund.
The SSS charter allows the agency to allot up to 30 percent of its investment reserve fund for domestic infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, ports and telecommunications as long as these come with a government guarantee and would prioritize SSS in the distribution of earnings.
Since it is the most highly skilled people who migrate, it is undoubtedly of interest to analyze the whole distribution of earnings and quantify the effect of socioeconomics variables in different location of the distribution of earnings.
The standard theory is silent about the distribution of earnings.
Besides the law on anti-political dynasty and the BBL, access to education, well designed labor market policies to ensure equal distribution of earnings, job protection reforms such as reducing contractualization and boosting employment by removing market regulation that stifle competition, are suggested.
A chronological table in the front matter shows the earliest selection to be from Oxford Economic Papers, "Some thoughts on the distribution of earnings," by A.
The Class C shares share in distribution of earnings and capital on a 10-for-1 basis with the class A shares; therefore, for earnings per share and book value per share calculations, the Class C shares are converted to class A shares on a ten-for-one basis.
Thus, the court concluded that the provision of services by TWC to Welle was not a vehicle for the distribution of earnings and profits to Welle and that Welle had not received a constructive dividend.
A participating security is a security other than common stock that may participate in the distribution of earnings, together with common stock, in its current form.
Increasing inequality in the distribution of earnings has become one of those stylized facts that everyone "knows.
ANEW TUC report outlines that unfair distribution of earnings is a major cause of pressure on low and middle-income earning households.
In order to simulate the effects of the different educational policies on the distribution of earnings, a methodology that has been widely used in decompositions of changes in earnings inequality (Bourgignon and Ferreira, 2005) is applied.

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