distribution of profits

See: dividend
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Workers of trans-provincial companies operating in Sindh, will get the benefits but their counterparts in other provinces will get nothing despite a Sindh High Court judgement last month which provides for the proportionate allocation and distribution of profits based on the number of workers in each province.
NBF's board of directors proposed a distribution of profits of 15 per cent (unchanged compared to 2016) in the form of cash dividends of 7.
The companies have come up with differences from illegal pyramid schemes in conditions for membership, distribution of profits, compulsory provisions in contracts and compensation for losses.
The AGM approved the board of directors' proposal for the distribution of profits through a dividend of SEK1.
Based on continuing investigations, further Directions have since been issued from time to time and as of now their business activities are suspended; and PTL are prevented from the disposal of assets, distribution of profits and making payments without the prior approval of CBSL.
Chancellor Philip Hammond, finds public sector workers "overpaid" due to the pension contributions which should be the right of all workers, but this would require a more equal distribution of profits by the private companies which have taken over so many of our public services, putting profit before people.
Unlike in case of a company, where distribution of profits in the form of dividend is subject to dividend distribution tax, the distribution of profits by an LLP to its partners is tax free," says Thakkar of BDO India.
NBF held its Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGAM) today at Novotel Hotel, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, where shareholders approved the distribution of profits of 15 per cent of paid-up capital.
The co-op was founded on the principles of equality, respect, and fair distribution of profits.
Notarised verification of signatures andA the contents of documents will be needed to register decisions of general shareholdersa meetings of limited liability companies related to changes in ownership structure, distribution of profits, changes in capital, election of a company CEO, as well as purchases and sales of real estate assets or property rights associated with them, according to the statement.
Warba Bank said in a statement on Kuwait Stock Exchange's (KSE) website that its board members did not recommend distribution of profits for shareholders for FY 2015.
Tax issues regarding distribution of profits or losses are no longer automatically proportioned according to percent of ownership.

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