distribution of profits

See: dividend
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As regards the suggestion of earmarking 25% of the said funds for specified purpose, it is stated that shares are units of ownership interest that provide for distribution of profits in the form of dividends and are accompanied by voting rights, and that share capital received from any shareholder is not tagged to use/purpose specified by the shareholder.
NeuroSearch A/S (CPH:NEUR) announced on Monday that at the Annual General Meeting the Annual Report 2018 was adopted; the board of directors' proposed resolution on the distribution of profits and losses was adopted and the proposals from the board of directors as per agreement with Nordic Transport Group Holding A/S under item 4.1 of the agenda were adopted, including that the board was authorised to increase the share capital by issuance of bonus shares to the company's shareholders.
In February, Egypt Telecom and Vodafone Egypt signed an agreement in the field of messaging, infrastructure and distribution of profits in the presence of Minister of Communications Amr Talaat.
National Bank of Fujairah PJSC (NBF) held its Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGAM) today at Novotel Hotel, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, where shareholders approved the distribution of profits of 20% of paid-up capital.
The General Assembly of the bank, at its 55th meeting in Sana'a under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Hussein Harrhh, in the presence of shareholders and representatives of government agencies, approved the distribution of profits as proposed by the Board of Directors of the Bank and the discharge of the Chairman and members of the Board from all related to their administration for the said year.
The minor ruling party wants to impose a special tax on retail chains to raise money for the support of local food production.More Slovak products on shelves in shops or fairer distribution of profits between merchants, producers and farmers.
Indeed, on the basis of a Brent oil price of $60/barrel, they demand a reversal of the distribution of profits of about 60 per cent to the state-40 per cent in the companies now, to 40 per cent to the state-60 per cent in the companies.
He asked the authorities concerned to devise a mechanism for a justified distribution of profits among all stakeholders so that they could also earn reasonable amount to run their economic wheels.
Additional topics included the development of Shari'ah standards for the distribution of profits and allocation of expenses.
The meeting approved the proposed distribution of profits through the transfer of 10 per cent of the net income amounting to $12,902,882 to the statutory reserve.
Workers of trans-provincial companies operating in Sindh, will get the benefits but their counterparts in other provinces will get nothing despite a Sindh High Court judgement last month which provides for the proportionate allocation and distribution of profits based on the number of workers in each province.
NBF's board of directors proposed a distribution of profits of 15 per cent (unchanged compared to 2016) in the form of cash dividends of 7.5 per cent and bonus shares of 7.5 per cent of the paid-up capital.

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