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Distributional impacts of climate policy have received increased attention in recent years (Burtraw and Palmer 2008; Bassett, Mathur, and Metcalf 2009; Metcalf 2009; Parry and Williams 2010; Parry et al.
When considering the influence of production volumes upon formation of a distributional network, it is vital to consider the size of the factory and the output manufactured per day in order to plan automobile distribution and create a supply of cargo.
c) at any time before foreclosure, a distributional interest in a limited liability company that is charged may be redeemed: (1) by the judgment debtor; (2) with property other than the company's property, by one or more of the other members; or (3) with the company's property, but only if permitted by the operating agreement
Distributional records for some species of western and central Arkansas and eastern and southeastern Oklahoma.
We inspected the distributional hypotheses for each species to establish a threshold for decisions of presence versus absence (lowest training presence threshold, Pearson et al.
An analysis of post-Wisconsin biogeography of the Prairie Peninsula region based on distributional phenomena among terrestrial vertebrate populations.
Therefore, when commodity prices show distinct heavy-tailed behaviors, at a substantive level, it would be interesting to test how optimal hedge ratios under the normality restriction differ from those under a distributional model that captures tail behaviors of price movements more efficiently.
The distinction between this kind of group, whose interests coincide with the broader social collective interest, and the narrower distributional coalition, the special interest, rent-seeking groups that slow down economic growth, became the key to his argument in his 1982 Rise and Decline of Nations.
The editors conclude that although distributional outcomes in transition economies were largely negative and economic outcomes were often far from optimal, the long-run efficiency gains in countries making painful steps to establish nascent markets were worth the costs.
Section III presents (1) estimates the incidence of VAT at national, provincial and regional level and a comparison of progressivity of VAT to the progressivity of sales tax it replaced, (2) an examination of VAT (2001-02) at individual commodity level is carried out to better comprehend VAT incidence on the poor, (3) distributional characteristics of goods to rank good and services consumed by the poor in order to propose pro-poor VAT reforms.
Preliminary distributional surveys of freshwater bivalves in Texas: progress report for 1992.

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