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The reported indicative of Livonian resembles formally and distributionally more the respective category in South Estonian than the reported indicative in Standard Estonian: Livonian and South Estonian forms of the reported indicative originate in nominative or genitive participles and occur in dependent clauses whereas their Standard Estonian counterparts are based on a partitive participle and are, as a rule, restricted to independent clauses.
Note that one could also argue, following Kaplow, that since the shift to the property tax is efficiency-enhancing then we should make that shift and use the income tax to make the shift distributionally neutral.
Nevertheless, they are syntactically and distributionally distinct from auxiliaries.
Even with some screening, banned-categorization outcomes may still be distributionally preferable to a status quo regime with legalized categorization.
According to Kakwani technique, distributionally neutral growth accounted for 4.
the distributionally fair interpretation if it has a second order
However, the southwestern extent of the range in the Ozarkian faunal region of Missouri is distributionally peculiar (Miller and Robison, 2004) and the fish is localized or rare in Arkansas.
This leads to four different choice-method classes into which can be placed all the common techniques: cost analysis, social costing, revenue analysis, effectiveness analysis, economic impact analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, balanced scorecard and other exotic variations like distributionally weighted cost-benefit analysis.
In this situation, Mishan's proposal that policy decisions should be both Pareto efficient and " distributionally preferred" becomes apposite.
We think the answer ultimately is the same as that which explains the antipathy to intentional trespass, larceny, bad-faith adverse possession, and the other features of property law we have discussed: economic development takings are regarded as seizures by the state of the property of innocent persons for reasons that are distributionally unjust.
Moreover, A is said to be distributionally bounded, or simply D-bounded if either (a) or (b) holds, i.
In particular, I constructed a tax reform where the revenue from a mix of environmental taxes is used to lower other taxes in a distributionally neutral fashion.

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