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One of the territorial areas into which an entire state or country, county, municipality, or other political subdivision is divided, for judicial, political, electoral, or administrative purposes.

The circuit or territory within which a person may be compelled to appear. Circuit of authority; province.

A judicial district is a designated area of a state over which a court has been empowered to hear lawsuits that arise within it or that involve its inhabitants. A federal judicial district is an area of a state in which a federal district court sits to determine matters involving federal questions or Diversity of Citizenship of the parties.

A congressional district is a geographical sub-division of a state that elects a representative to Congress.

A legislative district is a specific section of a state that elects a representative to the state legislature.


noun ager, area, circuit, constituency, domain, locale, locality, neighborhood, pale, precinct, province, quarter, realm, regio, region, section, sphere, terra, territorial division, territory, tract, ward, zone
Associated concepts: business district, collection district, election district, federal district, improvement district, judiiial district, school district, tax district
See also: bailiwick, circuit, constituency, department, division, local, locality, location, parcel, province, region, regional, territory

DISTRICT. A certain portion of the country, separated from the rest for some special purposes. The United States are divided into judicial districts, in each of which is established a district court; they are also divided into election districts; collection districts, &c.

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When Birmingham installed the system, "they had 25 to 30 people in our district for about two weeks, going from school to school to help us get the system up," Burroughs says.
Fourteen school districts in the Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys potentially stand to lose about $15 million.
We provide a preliminary answer to this question for the Piedmont Public School District by exploring the perceptions of teachers regarding how decisions are made in their district.
While District 151 has a higher tax rate, it has less to spend per pupil than many southwest suburban school districts do.
Incredibly, within a week of the ruling and with three weeks remaining on the deadline for filing an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the Reading School District filed a new complaint in Commonwealth Court challenging No Child Left Behind.
She has served as Sixth District Trustee for ADAA as well as having chaired the Member Services Council on a national level.
Not coincidentally, drawing such a district would make as many as five Democratic districts suddenly competitive.
In general, the economy in the three states of the District is quite diversified and could be described as a microcosm of the U.
What made the North Carolina district possible--and others like it in Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York, and elsewhere-was the partisan manipulation of the relatively obscure Voting Rights Act of 1982.
Round Lake Area Schools District 116 experienced a series of enrollment spikes over the past four decades like no other neighboring district.
But if school boards have outlived their usefulness as evidenced by district performance, wouldn't we also have to say that superintendents, the district model, and teacher and administrator preparation programs have all outlived their usefulness as well?

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