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District Court

A designation of an inferior state court that exercises general jurisdiction that it has been granted by the constitution or statute which created it. A U.S. judicial tribunal with original jurisdiction to try cases or controversies that fall within its limited jurisdiction.

A state district might, for example, determine civil actions between state residents based upon contract violations or tortious conduct that occurred within the state.

Federal district courts are located in places designated by federal law, hearing cases in at least one place in every state. Most federal cases, whether civil actions or criminal prosecutions for violations of federal law, commence in district court. Cases arising under the Constitution, federal law, or treaty, or cases between citizens of different states, must also involve an interest worth more than $75,000 before the district court can exercise its jurisdiction.

The federal district courts also have original and exclusive jurisdiction of Bankruptcy cases, and admiralty, maritime, and prize cases, which determine rights in ships and cargo captured at sea. State courts are powerless to hear these kinds of controversies.

A party can appeal a decision made in district court in the Court of Appeal.


Federal Courts.

district court

n. 1) in the federal court system, a trial court for federal cases in a court district, which is all or a portion of a state. 2) a local court in some states. (See: court)

district court

1 in Scotland a court of summary jurisdiction held by a stipendiary magistrate or one or more justices of the peace to deal with minor criminal offences.
2 in the USA a federal trial court serving a federal judicial district or in some states a court having general jurisdiction in a state judicial district.
3 in Australia and New Zealand a court lower than a high court.
4 a court in the Republic of Ireland.

DISTRICT COURT. The name of one of the courts of the United States. It is held by a judge, called the district judge. Several courts under the same name have been established by state authority. Vide Courts of the United States.

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The district court disagreed, saying that, for any question concerning whether employees were covered by the Social Security system, courts should "err on the side of including employees in the system.
In Mayo, a Minnesota district court held that the student exception could be applied to medical residents in individual cases based on the relationship of the residents to their school.
The Florida district court, however, rejected this argument, stating that the case-by-case approach advocated by the Minnesota decision was wrong and not practical.
The first issue the Court of Appeals considered was whether the district court applied the appropriate standard to determine the relevance of the redacted information.
Rejecting the IRS's argument, the Ninth Circuit found that the two tests were essentially the same and that the district court had applied the correct test.
At the end of March, the Shanghai Zha Bei District Court convicted 2 defendants of selling counterfeit golf equipment.
In the most recent case in August, the Shanghai Changning District Court convicted a golf club distributor, Mr.
lot i - provision of services, physical - technical security district court in ljubljana, ljubljana higher court and the district public prosecutor~s office in ljubljana;
FSI) today announced that it has been selected by United States District Court in South Florida to provide the TelePath(TM) Voice Recognition platform for its Parolee and Probation Division.
District Court monitors the activities of all its parolees and probationers, requiring that they report to the U.
This decision vacated the judgment entered by the District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissing FONAR's claims (FONAR Corporation v.
In July of last year the District Court dismissed FONAR's copyright and unfair competition claims on a motion for summary judgment, a decision which FONAR promptly appealed.

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