district officer

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Smyth, a former travelling companion in Europe, a district officer in the New York Custom House.
The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has registered a case against district officers (buildings) for embezzling the government funds by using the substandard material in the construction of the Govt Primary School Nangwal building.
authorized to hold additional Charge of District Officer (F&P) D.
Mr Law said, "I was an assistant district officer in Tsuen Wan many years ago and had lived in the district before.
Before installing such a line, the authority serves a notice to the owner of the affected land informing him of its intention along with a description of the line and if the owner does not give his consent within 14 days, the District Officer may give his consent for the installation of the electrical lines either unconditionally or under such conditions or terms he thinks just.
The meeting was attended by Deputy District Officer Population Welfare Zaheer Babar, Dr.
Deputy District Officer (DDO) (Roads) Muhammad Khalid, Sub-Engineer
The district Officer also told CNA that a polling station had been set up at the old administration offices and there are 38 Latins and 56 Maronites registered to vote.
The zoo's district officer Mansoor Qazi supervised the shifting of the elephants and would be the caretaker of them from now on, Saif added.
In tehsil Layyah, 256 filtration plants, 200 in tehsil Karor, and 83 in tehsil Chobara would be installed, said district officer Clean Water Project Mohammad Suhail and Regional project manager
According to details, District Officer Mohammad Saleem and Deputy District Officer (DDO) (Roads) Mohammad Khalid, Sub-Engineer Najam Butt, Imtiaz Ahmed and contractor Basharat were awarded 15-year jail and imposed Rs 4.
Assistant Commissioner (AC) Abdul Rauf Mehr, Municipal Committee Chairman Ch Shafiq Pappa, District Officer (health) Ghazanfar Shafiq and Deputy District Officer (health) Dr Wasif Ch distributed the packets.

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