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One of the territorial areas into which an entire state or country, county, municipality, or other political subdivision is divided, for judicial, political, electoral, or administrative purposes.

The circuit or territory within which a person may be compelled to appear. Circuit of authority; province.

A judicial district is a designated area of a state over which a court has been empowered to hear lawsuits that arise within it or that involve its inhabitants. A federal judicial district is an area of a state in which a federal district court sits to determine matters involving federal questions or Diversity of Citizenship of the parties.

A congressional district is a geographical sub-division of a state that elects a representative to Congress.

A legislative district is a specific section of a state that elects a representative to the state legislature.


noun ager, area, circuit, constituency, domain, locale, locality, neighborhood, pale, precinct, province, quarter, realm, regio, region, section, sphere, terra, territorial division, territory, tract, ward, zone
Associated concepts: business district, collection district, election district, federal district, improvement district, judiiial district, school district, tax district
See also: bailiwick, circuit, constituency, department, division, local, locality, location, parcel, province, region, regional, territory

DISTRICT. A certain portion of the country, separated from the rest for some special purposes. The United States are divided into judicial districts, in each of which is established a district court; they are also divided into election districts; collection districts, &c.

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Both districts use SchoolMAX, a Web-based SIS developed by Reston, Va.
Officials say a new law would unfairly penalize the districts for taking over the operation of special education programs for severely disabled students from Los Angeles County.
When school districts and their schools encounter student performance that falls short of expectations, they strive to make change that will improve the quality of instruction (Schlechty, 2001).
That fact has galvanized Hamilton and District 151 residents to jump in the thick of another divisive issue: Getting the state to provide more money for public education and narrowing the disparity in spending between Illinois' richest and poorest school districts.
8 percent of districts in Pennsylvania had a smaller proportion of test scores that met or exceeded state standards, according to an analysis by Standard & Poor's for the state Department of Education.
Two gerrymandered majority-black districts were struck down by the U.
To plot how to draw majority-black congressional districts without jeopardizing existing Democratic districts.
There is some uncertainty in regard to the potential unification of several neighboring school districts including Rio Linda Elementary School District, although the effect on the credit strength of the current offering and outstanding GO debt would be neutral.
As part of its responsibilities to state taxpayers, the Illinois State Board of Education, or ISBE, closely monitors school districts that encounter financial trouble.
PALMDALE - The Palmdale School District might join the ranks of Antelope Valley school districts that are considering or have already decided to place school construction bond measures before voters this year.
To answer these questions, we must consider why most school districts consistently perform at mediocre levels--and why some districts fail children in vast numbers.