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Tell me plainly, have you any reason to distrust Sir Percival Glyde?
I began, upon this, to distrust the sincerity of the viceroy's professions, and resolved, upon the receipt of another letter from the viceroy, to return directly.
The distrust of Lisa, however, had increased in proportion as they approached the sphere of action; and M'Lellan, in particular, kept a vigilant eye upon his motions, swearing to shoot him if he attempted to cross the river first.
Even if she could prevail upon herself to make that open acknowledgment of distrust under her husband's roof, and even if help was near, what valid reason could she give for raising an alarm?
As a last resource, impelled by her blind distrust of the change in the position of the bed, she attempted to move it.
A missing balance from 100 percent corresponds to those who neither trust nor distrust a country.
His remarks came after results of a recent poll in the West Bank showed that an overwhelming majority of the Palestinian people distrust Saudi Arabia and nearly half of them believe in armed resistance as the best response to the US recognition of al-Quds as Israel's capital.
9 article on the Health Data Management website, one national survey of 12,000 individuals, conducted last fall by market research firm Black Book, found that 70% of respondents distrust health technology.
I'm beginning to think this whole sordid campaign is being blown along by an acrid gust of distrust.
Moreover, the study explored whether belief in the theory as a result of the video viewing would translate into higher levels of distrust in the government two weeks later.
The Political Philosophy of Trust and Distrust in Democracies and Beyond, PATTI TAMARA LENARD
Distrust represents strong negative feelings and insecurity about a user's motivation, intention, and behavior.