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the latest available survey) was trusted by 61 percent and distrusted by only 15 percent, for a net trust rating of +46, which is Good (from +30 to +49).
His approval ratings are the same as Tory leader David Cameron on 32 per cent but the PM is distrusted by 61 per cent of voters.
Sir Gus said Mr Blair preferred to keep discussions to more exclusive groups, in part because he distrusted colleagues.
POLITICIANS have beaten bankers to the top spot in a survey of the UK's most distrusted professions.
One of the direct reports distrusted his supervisor, intentionally holding back his effort and not giving his best.
Although the Iron Curtain has been removed and the Bamboo Curtain is now opened up with trade zones, there are still parts of the world where outsiders are distrusted and outside ideas forbidden.
The supermarket giant appeared both among the most trusted and the most distrusted companies in a survey of more than 2,000 people.
Rossotti's story of how he helped turn the IRS from a distrusted and outdated bureaucracy into a viable 21st century business is a remarkable one.
Moreover, her vision of democratic politics was explicitly grassroots-oriented; she distrusted grand, charismatic figures--a position that would bring her into eventual conflict with King.
He advocated (called for) states' rights and distrusted the power of the federal government.
Residents also distrusted state-level institutions, a distrust solidly based in the history of the relationship between county residents and the state board of education.