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I suggest that we acknowledge other emotions such as confusion, restlessness, irritability, overprotectiveness, recklessness, pain, tearfulness, jealousy, envy, loss of innocence, intolerance, reluctance, distrustfulness, indifference, exhaustion, self-consciousness, nervousness, relief, and so on.
Without this type of pedagogy, students from minority or traditionally-disadvantaged backgrounds may have traits of lack of self confidence, lack of emotional security distrustfulness, and decreased self worth (Garrison et al., 1967; Woodson, 2000).
It may explain the reason why the problems of banks' distrustfulness and unwillingness to invest money in formal credit report purchasing are still unsolved.
Their communication is obstructed by shyness, low self-esteem, and distrustfulness. Our data shows gender differences only in personal communication difficulties.
(39) But whereas the deadly distrustfulness of a post-Reformation England throughout Elizabeth's reign is focused chiefly on Spanish Catholic conspiracy, its ancillary effect is to establish a relentless spying, on everyone and everything, as the normative procedure of the government, and massively prosecuted by the court's intricate network of intelligencers.