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Empires, we have been taught, are supposed to bring peace, but today's Middle Empire ruled from today's Beijing displays many indications that it is bent on becoming a major disturber of the peace.
As nonwhite female instructors teaching material on race and antiracism, the role of s**t disturber and catalyst is central both to the experiences of teaching and student learning.
Now the Republican cause demands that we brand Communism as the principal disturber of peace in the world today.
Sower of discord, disturber of nerve endings, brother of coal, sister of scabs, let others offer their litanies like jewels.
Becoming the exclusive worldwide disturber of this innovative technology reinforces our leadership in nuclear plant safety-related systems, said Philippe Samama, AREVA s Installed Base Business Division executive vice president.
100) eyes Proud, and disturber of thy country's (TR, part 1, 7.
William Manchester, Disturber of the Peace: The Life of H.
Ease disturber, comfort bearer, move among us while we pray.
1] Rothman cites William Manchester's biography of Mencken, Disturber of the Peace (1951).
She added: "Iraq made every effort to improve its relations with Turkey, but Turkey did not leave a chance, but to disturber those relations, especially through constructing dams and seizing Iraq's share of water which was awarded to him in accordance with the international laws.
Once liberated from the curse, Lucy and the narrator can aspire towards union, but until then, we are informed, and despite the fact that '[t]the great Fitzgerald property was Lucy's (90), they are doomed to remain apart from each other, since Lucy's double stands between them, acting, like all doubles, as 'a disturber of love'.
He's matured into an ordure disturber par excellence.