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In theory, the role of religion in a secular, democratic state had been resolved as the God of deism (the Great Engineer) had replaced the God of revelation (the Great Intervener and Disturber of the status quo), and a system of government had been designed that was supposed to run like clockwork.
Beckert, arguably the culture's ultimate victim (unless one believes people are `born like that') is in some sense, on some level, a Brechtian hero because he is the film's one disturber of the capitalist status quo, explicitly recognized as such by the underworld.
Even more important, he, the shocker, the inspirer, the perpetual gadfly and disrupter and disturber, had gained the confidence of the astute and judicious statesman who was our Prime Minister.
Veltex Corporation has signed initial purchase order for over $750,000 with new client West Surfing Products-Australia who is a disturber of high end surf ware for over twenty years.
This advanced diagnostic software enables field technicians to efficiently troubleshoot common DSL problems by identifying their source and calculating the data rate impact of each disturber.
The modem also provides the best real world ADSL2+ stability and immunity under impulse noise conditions, with enhanced bridge tap, long loop, and disturber performance.
I called upon Chekhov and Tolstoy, old loves, and Tillie Olsen, whose stories meant a lot to me, and Flannery O'Connor, who had done so well as a disturber of the peace when I had taught for Professor Erikson.
It had its crises, too: In 1554 the faculty of theology at the University of Paris condemned the society for the "arrogance of its name," its privileges which infringed on the rights of other church authorities, as "a disturber of the peace and destructive of monastic life.
More specifically, the 6A1 configuration simulates a worst-case alien crosstalk environment, with six disturber cables bundled tightly around a seventh victim cable.
DSL allows outside plant technicians to easily identify the source of the disturbance and calculate the data rate impact of each disturber.
He was a "trouble-maker," a "class disturber," a boy out to get the world before it got him.