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Disturbers of the Peace is a thought-provoking work, though it fails to underscore the historical role of carnival.
Similarly, Edmund Malesky, who revisits his illuminating experiment to track delegate participation in the National Assembly on the Internet, and provides new analysis on the Assembly's recently instituted "Confidence Vote", suggests that both tools have been most effective as semi-transparent mechanisms for the authoritarian political system to gather information on public attitudes and potential disturbers.
Several mobile disturbers informed kiosks and supermarket owners that prices of mobile recharge cards will increase during the coming period.
Kelly Baker Josephs' book, Disturbers of the Peace: Representations of Madness in Anglophone Caribbean Literature is an original and long awaited text.
In the original proposal they were dubbed troublemakers and disturbers of the peace.
The mayor had to adopt tough measures to ensure public order and to hold the public order disturbers accountable.
The minister directed to reinforce security presence, in which he affirmed that the work of security authorities are within the law and cover all security disturbers.
If she didn't know better, it was clear she wanted to know more, starting with questions about the other disturbers in the Offutt Eight.
The prosecuting attorney told the court at Fredericksburg: "These men are great disturbers of the peace; they cannot meet a man upon the road, but they must ram a text of Scripture down his throat.
640) In the words of Hawkins, there is no violation of the Statute of Northampton when a person "arms himself to suppress or resist such Disturbers of the Peace or Quiet of the Realm.
Only one thing more was needed to achieve perfection: a unipolar power to punish disturbers of the global peace and stop those who would close a shipping lane, restrict a market, regulate a corporation, or violate the ineluctable laws of supply and demand.