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Gill Scott, director of the SPIU at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: "Poverty in Scotland remains at disturbingly high levels and although important steps have been taken towards the eradication of poverty, a great deal more still needs to be done."
Health consultant Dr Syed Ahmed said: "Cases of mumps are at such disturbingly high levels here in Glasgow just now, and students are the most at risk.
Because of their positioning and size, the amputated forms seem disturbingly, almost surreally, off.
Judges said Lord Dawson had "disturbingly" taken the view that they had caused the death of a customs officer, even though they had not been charged with that offence.
And disturbingly, 38 per cent of children with the condition are exposed to cigarette smoke.
Although the work carries the imprint of some small but disturbingly strange form, the notion that it might be a fossil is belied by the epoxy and polyurethane Out of which it is fashioned.
THERE is something disturbingly clinical about parents choosing to have another child to save the life of one they already have.
The difference between the Venturis' work and postmodernism as it has evolved in the Disneyfied culture of the late twentieth century lies in their grasp of the ironic, signaled by their favorite qualifier, "almost." "Almost" is the kernel of Venturi and Scott Brown's theory of representation in architecture, as it is a key to the hotly debated--and disturbingly open--question of their seeming ideological neutrality.
There's something disturbingly hypocritical about this pompous aristocrat saying "Diana understood the power of publicity" while trashing her memory in order to promote his pictures.
Geyskens shows the manager's naked torso from behind as he turns his head back to the right, revealing a disturbingly self-conscious smile on his face.
You're Pretty, an even creepier piece, takes advantage of the same kind of alternation: A long-haired, half-naked guy in glasses hugs an amp in a dark basement while repeating the phrase "you're pretty" in a disturbingly infantile drawl; in quick counterpoint we see (and, in amplified sound, hear) him scraping the face of an LP across a cement floor and a rough brick wall--an odd sort of painful caress.
I WATCHED the fantastic yet disturbingly realistic Saving Private Ryan on TV on Sunday.