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Similar to Ford, Matthew Salafia's book, Slavery's Borderland: Freedom and Bondage Along the Ohio River (2013) explores the economic ties between Kentucky and Ohio that tempered disunion instead.
Under this constitutional structure, the Garrisonians concluded that disunion was the only plausible way to end slavery.
Even after America's founders were united by the dream of disunion, after they asked their soldiers to shed blood in defense of that ideal, and after they learned, in the hardest ways, how to govern a people who wanted to exercise their rights, they still could not guarantee the country's survival.
We could call this putting make-up on a political corpse but it is enough for additional disunion, Mitanoski concludes.
When transforming the military tactic of disunion into the field of propaganda, a propagandist needs to stir up dissension among the people of the other side, as well as to make mischief between the opposing factions of their own side.
As predicted by Milton Friedman, the monetary union is leading to political disunion.
Chapters Six and Seven continue the assertion that excessive technology leads to a disunion of the human race and a watering down of what it means to be a human being.
Facebook alone cannot be blamed for disunion and anti-government opinion.
However, the party should be unanimous in order for a new disunion not to occur," said Ramadani.
The centuries of disunion (and, sometimes, outright enmity) easily outweigh the centuries under a single flag.
Human beings, because they have committed sins, have been involved in discord, quarrels, and disunion.
We have witnessed attempts for an artificial disunion of society.