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Jonathan was also quoted as saying that Nigeria has never been so disunited than now adding that 'we are only existing superficially and this is very dangerous.'
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) has said power struggle in the FPCCI has effected work, polluted environment and disunited businessmen.
"There are speculations that local leaders in the province are politically disunited. No, we are not.
The Labour Party changed because it was thought that a party openly arguing looked disunited and a disunited party as depicted as one incapable of government.
Additionally, disunited market infrastructure, Solar Exchange plans and determines for the common challenges faced by sales and procurement professionals including limited access to new and growing markets and the ability to respond to rapidly-changing market conditions.
Constitution for a disunited nation; on Hungary's 2011 Fundamental Law.
In conclusion, a decentralized system should be understood as division of power but not the division of people so that they are disunited. South Sudanese had struggled together to achieve independence as people of one destiny although they were from different provinces, regions, states and ethnic groups.
The brutal facts were that the home side were a disunited and, at times, disinterested team.
Yes, it's a rebirth but of a divided and disunited Egypt.
Now, the community of children, led by the disunited adolescent leaders, Seth, Kieran, and Waverly, struggles to find a balance that will allow them to create a plan for rescuing their parents.
Just over two-thirds of voters - 67% - think the coalition is disunited and 54% feel it is unlikely to last until 2015, as planned.
Blanc inherited a disunited group still smarting from their exit but managed to knit the team back together and with Karim Benzema having established himself as one of Europe's top players under Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid, France were tipped to be outside contenders in Poland and Ukraine.