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Even when Olusola Oke returned to APC and participated in the party, Ilori continues to cause disunity in the party.'
Sheik Kromah says unfortunately, the weakness of the Muslim world today is because of this type of disunity.
The minister said that the terrorists were attempting to stop the elections by creating fear, anxiety and disunity among the people and they were trying to derail democracy.
'There are politicians who believe that they could survive only by promoting and spreading racial disunity and communal misunderstanding forever.'
The daily quoted local sources as saying that Sabri's command in Yarmouk came after growing disunity among terrorists as ISIL has now two different organizations in Southern Damascus, adding that one of the organizations in under the command of Abu Hashem al-Khabouri deployed in Hajar al-Aswad South of Yarmouk, whose fighters are mainly from Hajar al-Aswad.
The letter further read, 'I have the sole responsibility for internal divisions in the party's headquarters, Sittwe and disunity among the [rural and urban] public.
Download Putin says WW2 started due to disunity of worlds leading countries, calls on world to unite NNA - The Nazis were able to start World War II because of the disunity of the worlds leading countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during a Victory Day parade at Moscows Red Square, adding that the lessons of the past should not be ignored.
LABOUR leadership challenger Owen Smith will be branded the "disunity" candidate unless he condemns talk of a split in the party, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has warned.
While the PUK-Gorran deal will help break the current political deadlock in one way or another, it also threatens to intensify the old dividing lines between KDP and PUK administrations and stoke a new phase of disunity. At the same time, such disunity will open the doors for Turkey, Iran and other powers to take advantage through meddling in economic, military and strategic ties.
The picture that emerges from this book is of a political right characterized by continual quarrelling, disunity, competition, and ongoing and increasing fragmentation.
Nienstedt's brief stint in Battle Creek sparked "a sense of disunity, fear and hurt" among many, Bishop Paul Bradley of Kalamazoo acknowledged in a letter to parishioners.
Ibrahim said that there were 157 Muslim countries on the map of the world but there were internal rifts and disunity among them which has provided an opportunity to the West to hatch conspiracies against the Muslims and added that it was the reason of this disunity that the Muslim across the globe were the worst victims of the barbarism of the non Muslims.