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But Africa can overcome the fissures of disunity by a renewed focus on what unites us and is in all our interest--a prosperous common homeland which nurtures and allows its citizens to flourish.
This cannot be accomplished unless we achieve inter-Arab reconciliation, overcome the causes of division and disunity, unify our stances and consolidate Arab joint action, making sure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our States are respected.
The reason behind my decision to resign from UPB is the disunity of the media community, the conflicts among publishers, which do not protect professional problems, the emergence of a second ethical code," Venelina Gocheva commented for BTA.
AWAN BLAMED FOR DISUNITY Meanwhile, Aldo Ajou Deng Akuei, an elderly politician representing the community of Abiem, says he's not aspiring to a gubernatorial post in the house as the position had already been held twice before by individual politicians from the area that it was time for other remaining counties to select the their preferred candidate.
To the other, though failed, a message of disunity," he said.
The two novels included in the book disUnity are works of Russian magic realism.
The disunity of American culture; science, religion, technology, and the secular state.
In a press statement, he pointed out that Baqouba explosions that led to tens of casualties are "done by cowards in order to destabilize the country and create a state of disunity to implement historic project for Iran and Israel to divide Iraq".
Despite being managerless after the departure of boss David Howell a fortnight ago, the hosts showed no sign of disunity as they moved into a two-goal lead.
Even if the car park in question failed to display a notice banning hand-to-hand combat, car drivers should remain aware of the possibility of such an event, particularly at a time of national disunity.
The GCC states, said Al-Kharafi, are keen on strengthening ties with Iran, adding that it was important to take such steps in order to foil plans of disunity amongst countries of the region.
Any advance on the town would be an important boost for government forces who have struggled to contain disunity in their ranks and faced stark reversals on other parts of the battlefield.