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He suggests that in space, such changes may result from several things, including cosmic radiation, stress and reduced circulation as well as muscle disuse.
It was a good rule which seemed to fall into disuse over the years.
A grade II listed building, which has fallen into disuse, Hopwas Pumping Station stands in the village of Hopwas on the A51 between Lichfield and Tamworth.
BUILT in 1900, the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse fell into disuse twenty years ago but has since housed a heritage market.
The current mill was rebuilt in 1834 and after falling into disuse after the Second World War, was restored to full working order in 1989 by its owner, the Walton Estate.
It was restored in the 1930s after falling into disuse and has changed hands many times.
His bones have become brittle because of disuse since he was paralysed in a riding accident in 1995.
There were soda cans, fast-food wrappers and refuse left behind by people waiting for buses; the city stopped paying to have the grass mowed and watered; and, pretty much across the board, it fell into misuse and disuse,'' Wilmore said.
This is a good sign for the entire industry because it means the word "distressed" is slipping ever farther into disuse in the real estate lexicon.
The buildings were severely damaged in the Second World War and subsequently fell into disuse.
Muscle atrophy from disuse is also apparently reversed after only six weeks of use, and circulation seems improved.