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Keywords: lumbar disk hernia, sustained loading of the spine, disuse syndrome, patient activism implementation
Limb disuse due to denervation (DN) causes musculoskeletal atrophy accompanied by a reduction in muscle tissue capillary supply.
Although the law long ago fell into disuse and was finally repealed in 1973, the term that it generated lives on today.
PRAGUE After years of disuse and political controversy, a textile factory in the Czech Republic once used by Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist known for rescuing more than 1,000 Jews from the Nazis during World War II, will finally be given new life as a Holocaust memorial and museum.
The chairman of DMC South, Malik Mohammad Fayyaz, said on Wednesday that efforts are being made to make function the disuse machinery by utilizing the available resources.
Staff from Marks and Spencer joined those from Ageing Better Middlesbrough and Groundwork North East and Cumbria to clean up the Middlesbrough area which had fallen into disuse due to lack of activities.
Previously being maintained by the Rose Society of India, it had fallen into disuse.
BUILDINGS that fall into disuse - even really special ones - have a habit of falling into disrepair.
Glen Hocken, a chaplain at Onley Prison and a trustee of Futures Unlocked, said: "It was a shame to see so many bikes rusting into disuse. The bikes will help our clients to travel to job interviews and other important appointments."
A design statement prepared by Zebra said: "Historically, Digbeth was a major industrial area of Birmingham, however much of the industrial buildings have fallen into disuse and the new emerging land usages are predominantly residential and retail use.
I only hope all those staff who worked so hard find new employment and that the building, in such a great location, doesn't fall into disuse.
Human aging is plastic, contends Walter Bortz, after carefully looking at Blair's data and drawing a thoughtful and quite important distinction between aging and disuse, in 1982, seven years before Blair's published work in JAMA.