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Interestingly, there is an earlier case report of glomus tumour leading to disuse atrophy.
Elliott highlights disuse atrophy as the commonest cause of disability following a notable injury.
SCI leads to several deleterious pathological adaptations similar to disuse atrophy, including increased conversion to fast-twitch fatigable fibers, decreased lean mass and increased FM, and altered metabolic profile [1-5].
The list includes a lack of adequate and specific exercise for the body's core and spine, disuse atrophy, poor body awareness and biomechanics, structural weaknesses (such as osteoporosis), and inadequate stretching and flexibility, as well as general wear and tear, repeated trauma and genetic disposition.
This type of protocol showed promise as the associated disuse atrophy was markedly diminished (MRI CSA) in the vascular restriction group compared to a control at a 14-day follow-up.