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At the same time, if the superintelligence had the wrong goals, this could result in a universe filled by vast amounts of disvalue.
When we frame this in terms of suffering, we cannot conclude that sentient beings are the only beings of importance because (by definition) only they can experience suffering; nor can we conclude that suffering is the only thing of intrinsic disvalue.
A second reply is to accept that nature is valued negatively, but to argue that this disvalue is not something that exists objectively in the world, but has to do, mostly, with the way we experience the world.
Moreover, even if the deterrence value of prison were increased to make up for lost future wages and social status, we find it inconceivable that a year of prison would have a total disvalue to an individual of more than the $43-$48 million required to "flip" our calculations.
To this end, I shall say that an evaluative illusion is the appearance that states of affairs or objects possess value or disvalue that they do not in fact possess.
In contrast, OK teachers appear to perceive CCA as not so appropriate; teachers tend to disvalue CCA for being time-consuming, requiring teachers to spend much time organizing appropriate environment.
The fact that one person in a fishing village may value the taste of salmon and disvalue the taste of mackerel, while another values the taste of mackerel and disvalues the taste of salmon causes no problem unless they should have to share a meal.
DIS- DIF + F diffuse DI + voiced C ** dimension; divulge DIS + elsewhere dispel; distinct DIS + free stem disvalue 4.
And Pahari language and its socio-cultural are the disvalue subjects.
The disvalue [sic] to the deer of becoming prey for wolves is transmuted into positive value for future generations of deer and for the ecosystem as a whole.
of spiritual disvalue," and a "way of non-life" (77-78).