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Kiir would have not disvalued the SPLM Northern Sector and disowned Mr.
I have followed such a strategy in relation to jealousy, pride, and certain other disvalued emotions--arguing in the case of jealousy that the possibility of jealousy is not eliminable without the sacrifice of much else, including perhaps erotic attachment.
Because childcare (let alone familial care of badly damaged children) is socially disvalued and heavily gendered, it is unseemly, to say no more, for those who are neither expected nor likely to do it to attribute malign intentions to those who must.
Values and the validity of diagnostic criteria: Disvalued versus disordered conditions of childhood and adolescence.
Illness has to do with the "human perception, experience, and interpretation of certain socially disvalued states" and "is both a personal and social reality and therefore in large part a cultural construct.
This "coming out" is the process of reclaiming disowned or disvalued parts of the self and of developing an identity into which one's sexuality is holistically integrated.
At one end lies the "rhetorical" model of deviant or disvalued behavior (Vatz & Weinberg, 1994).
In answer to those of a Platonic bent who think that our natural knowledge is better after death than before, and who therefore disvalue the human body, we can point out that original sin has wounded our nature but it has not disvalued our bodies.
Even if certain experiential states are widely valued and others disvalued, however, people commonly value things besides experiential states.
Might the experience of disgust nevertheless be valuable to legal decisionmakers by providing a visceral signal that something is to be disvalued and hence avoided?
Why, she asks, should we accept as valid all the reasons that women have traditionally been socially disvalued, namely the view the y are and should be primarily occupied with childbearing and child care (and further, that they epitomize the earthy the "natural," and the sexual), in order to proclaim that such characteristics make women superior to men rather than inferior?
The scattering that alarmed Zechariah because he believed it would deplete them was now an even more dangerous level of evil, for if they broke apart and were disvalued by the impure, then, certain as death, those ten generations would disturb their children's peace throughout eternity.