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Shulman's argument rests on the assumption that value and disvalue are symmetrical with regard to such optimized states.
We therefore cannot draw any inference from the constraint on God, postulated above, that values in the biosphere necessarily arise only in association with the disvalues of violence and suffering.
When actual consent is not feasible, the autonomy rationale for the Pareto principle can be retained by a decision rule that limits (nonconsensual) compensatory exchanges to forms of risky behavior that do not disvalue the autonomy of those threatened by the behavior.
For a general comparison such as we are making, one should examine the value or disvalue of a year in prison to the average potential antitrust violator.
If we value security, then struggle and danger should only figure as disvalues.
the bondage to decay with the disvalues of evolution.
The fact that one person in a fishing village may value the taste of salmon and disvalue the taste of mackerel, while another values the taste of mackerel and disvalues the taste of salmon causes no problem unless they should have to share a meal.
Indeed the ecosystem becomes re-envisaged as a value transforming (and maximising) entity where all (subordinate) disvalues are "transmuted into value" (116).
Professor Chakraborty calls these values as disvalues for example, 'Jealousy' Aswathama was jealous of Arjun which guided the persistent demand made by him to his father Guru Dronacharya for being given the ultimate weapon the Brahmastra.
In 1999, Gracia thought that ethics could be expressed in different, complementary, languages, including the language of principles and consequences, the language of virtues and excellence, the language of rights and duties, and the language of values and disvalues.
Notwithstanding differences among proportionalists, all would agree, claims McCormick, that "causing certain disvalues .
Conversely, consumer dissatisfaction is linked with the appraisal that the object or action will block or deny achievement of one's values or will attain one's disvalues.