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What is new about this is the almost dithyrambic character of this description of human capabilities and accomplishments.
It has four phases: (1) "original" encoding of serious ideas in dithyrambic rhetoric; (2) parodic replay emphasizing pretentious phrasing; (3) ambivalent response of implied reader to (i) ridiculous surface of vocalized language and (ii) serious thrust of underlying ideas; (4) reader's recognition of possible validity of those ideas when salvaged from scripted and spoken speech acts.
Darwin told me about doing this on what he called "a lark" but it may have been just youthful naivete - of writing to a state university, I can't remember which - but you know, they were dithyrambic, seeing the record, wanted him to come.
Henry Thoreau is an experienced skater, and was figuring Dithyrambic dances and Bacchic leaps on the ice--very remarkable, but very ugly, methought.
Governed by Hermes, this moon-induced poetry is inexorably hermetic and occasionally verges on the dithyrambic, but the reader remains spellbound by this unique voice in the still frail chorus of second-generation, Paris-born, American-based African metisses.
It is in this light that Schlegel's novel Lucinde (1799) is composed from letters, confessions, dithyrambic fantasies, characteristics, allegory, idyll, and reflections; similarly Clemens Brentano considered his Godwi (1800/1802), as indicated by the subtitle, a "verwilderte[n]/Roman" ["unruly novel"] in which confusions among the figures and the novel's "[chi]/o [absolute Chaos] von Charakter" (S 16: 155) are resolved through ironically interrupted narrative frames.
I don't know what its called, maybe dithyrambic or something.
One is the truly dithyrambic eruptions of imagery and associations, sometimes engendered by historical reflections on war, on Nazisms past and present, at other times by the profusion of sights and sounds that is Berlin.