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The diurnal jungle has its own aspect--its own lights and shades, its own birds, its own blooms, its own beasts; its noises are the noises of the day.
(Alliance News) - Diurnal Group PLC on Wednesday said it has submitted a market authorisation application for adrenal insufficiency drug Alkindi in Australia.
Against these data, Lengua's team tested children's executive function skills with a series of activities, and, through saliva samples, a stress-response hormone called diurnal cortisol.
Different hypotheses offered thus far have emphasized different physical processes: diurnal oscillations in eddy viscosity, diurnal changes in temperature fields over sloping terrain, the blocking of the large-scale flow by the Rocky Mountains.
At five years, results showed: Mean diurnal IOP was 16.5 mmHg for the stent group vs.
LNSC measures the free cortisol in the saliva at the time point when cortisol should be at its lowest level and helps detect the loss of diurnal rhythm.
New York, NY, March 08, 2019 --(PR.com)-- The research papers titled, "Optimism, positive affectivity, and salivary cortisol," "Humor attenuates the cortisol awakening response in healthy older men" and "Loneliness and Diurnal Salivary Cortisol in Emerging Adults" are written by Julian Chuk Ling Lai.
Diurnal Group, a United Kingdom-based specialty pharma company, has received a second US patent for Chronocort (modified release hydrocortisone) from the US Patent and Trademark Office, it was reported on Friday.
Number and Topographical Distribution of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Diurnal and Nocturnal Raptors
A number of studies reported positive correlations between C[H.sub.4] diurnal emission variations and soil temperature in paddy fields under different climate conditions (SCHuTZ et al., 1990; YAGI & MINAMI, 1990; SASS et al., 1991; COSTA et al., 2008).
A recent study reiterates the point by finding that dim lighting, by contrast, could negatively affect the functioning of the brain among diurnal species - those that are awake through the day and sleep at night - including humans.
LOS ANGELES -- Current and previous night workers had significantly increased levels of hemoglobin Ale compared with diurnal workers, preliminary results from an ongoing study showed.