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The diurnal jungle has its own aspect--its own lights and shades, its own birds, its own blooms, its own beasts; its noises are the noises of the day.
Diurnal Group, a United Kingdom-based specialty pharmaceutical company, has completed patient enrolment in its European pivotal Phase III clinical trial of Chronocort (modified release hydrocortisone), it was reported yesterday.
Contract notice: diurnal and nocturnal monitoring services of the villeurbanne pools
A recent study reiterates the point by finding that dim lighting, by contrast, could negatively affect the functioning of the brain among diurnal species - those that are awake through the day and sleep at night - including humans.
LOS ANGELES -- Current and previous night workers had significantly increased levels of hemoglobin Ale compared with diurnal workers, preliminary results from an ongoing study showed.
This enables users to investigate more fully the detailed vertical structures within clouds, resolve thin clouds, and quantify the diurnal variability of clouds.
The extinction of the dinosaurs around 66 million years ago gradually caused mammals to change from a nocturnal (night) to a diurnal (day) schedule, according to new research published by Tel Aviv University and University College London scientists.
Strong negative effect of diurnal rainfall on nocturnal activity of a wandering spider in Central Amazonia
cultivars ('Ariane', 'Argos' and 'Viking') were used to study the effect of diurnal temperature range (DIF) applied throughout the whole growth stage on the development of fiber cells.
Clinigen Group plc's Idis Managed Access (MA) division and Diurnal Group plc have partnered to launch a Managed Access program in Europe for Infacort to treat pediatric patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI) and Chronocort to treat patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH).
This dogma of random fluctuation was recently challenged by the intriguing observation that hs-cTnT exhibited a diurnal rhythm in a small group of male individuals with type 2 diabetes (12).
5%)] with diurnal PEF variability in the working period was higher than that of controls (p=0.