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Interestingly, however, cystatin C showed a small, but evident, diurnal rhythm, with decreasing cystatin C concentrations during daytime and increasing concentrations during the evening and night.
The biphasic release of Formulations A and B is potentially beneficial in the chronodelivery of hydrocortisone which may be useful in clinical conditions influenced by diurnal rhythms. Colonic delivery of drugs through biphasic or sigmoidal release mechanisms is useful for the maintenance of sustained blood drug levels [38].
(a) Glucose diurnal rhythm. Clock time 7:30 10:00 11:30 14:00 17:30 20:00 Plasma glucose (mg/dL) 57 59 62 64 61 84 (mmol/L) 3.1 3.2 3.4 3.5 3.3 4.6 Clock time 23:00 Plasma glucose (mg/dL) 64 (mmol/L) 3.5 (b) OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) performed with 75 g glucose.
The circadian cortisol rhythm in FMS seems to be intact, but patients may suffer from hypocortisolism, which could in turn have consequences regarding the diurnal rhythm of glucocorticoid sensitivity.
The regular sleep-awake schedule of patients was respected to detect the natural diurnal rhythm. During data collection it was indicated and monitored to avoid tooth-brushing and consuming chewing gum, food or beverages high in sugar or acid, and alcohol, for 12 hours before collection (Salimetrics, 2012).
BEHAVE-AD is a 25-item scale that assesses seven aspects of behavioral pathology including delusions and paranoid ideation, hallucinations, activity disturbances, aggressiveness, diurnal rhythm disturbances, affective disturbances, and anxieties and phobias; the range in scores is from 0 to 75, with lower scores representing better functioning.
A., Spoont, M., Behavioral engagement level, variability, and diurnal rhythm as a function of bright light in bipolar II seasonal affective disorder: an exploratory study, Psychiatry Res., 1992; 43:147-160
In CNS, AA causes cognitive disturbances, especially memory disturbances [24], executive dysfunction [5], disturbances in diurnal rhythm, and psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations [6-9].
The expression of PPAR[alpha] has a diurnal rhythm in mouse liver, heart, kidney, and, to a lesser extent, in the SCN [25, 29].
However, since Atkinson et al [30] showed that the amplitude of the diurnal rhythm is higher in trained compared to untrained subjects, the aim of the present study was to assess the effects of time-of-day on aerobic and anaerobic performances during field testing (i.e.
Occupational health, physiotherapy, behavioral physiology, public health, and work psychology specialists from Europe detail the health effects, risk assessment methods, interventions, and health and safety directives for work demanding high-energy metabolism, considerable muscle force, awkward postures, highly repetitive movements, high levels of mental load, and diurnal rhythm disruption, and work in heat and cold, or prolonged, low-intensity, sedentary work.
Li and colleagues (China) compared the daily diurnal rhythm of melatonin secretion in people with chronic cervical injuries with subjects with lower-level injuries.